Security manifesto

Welcome to InfoShield. My hope is to contribute to the information security field, illuminating areas of concern, turn questions into answers, and be a resource for the community to “bring security out of obscurity”.

I’ve been fascinated by IT and the security portion for years. From reading about Mitnick in Takedown to finding my own Linux server being used unknowingly as an IRC proxy, IT security continued to amaze and draw me in. I’ve learned much along the way, being taught by some very sharp people in the field. Additionally for over 10 years I’ve worked in the banking industry, which prides itself in strong security.

Now based out of Florida, I want to get even more involved. I’m a member of Infragard, interested in the North Florida ISC2 chapter, and looking to volunteer where possible to continue giving back knowledge that I’ve learned.

This blog and future posts will be to help companies, communities, and individuals stay informed of the latest security issues and what can be done about them. Subscribe here for the latest security news that’s happening each and every day.

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