KRACKs WiFi: Don’t Panic Quite Yet

Where’s the RJ45 plugin on my phone?

We don’t have to go to this length, but some awareness of the Kracks WiFi security problem is important so you can make good decisions when connecting to it with your wireless devices.

Interestingly it isn’t just the WiFi routers but the devices that need to be patched

Initially I was hopeful that WiFi routers could be patched and we could all move on. But it appears not to be so. Devices all need a patch. Thankfully that’s coming to be a fast reality. See below for more.

An attacker has to be near the same WiFi router

This doesn’t make your WiFi router hackable from the internet. The attack is limited to the WiFi communication happening between your device and the wireless access point.

Attackers can’t see everything

Many websites and apps use TLS or some kind of VPN tunnel to access services. Thankfully this means limited visibility by an attacker if they can get into the WiFi data stream to see what you’re sending.

Precautions are use TLS and VPN tunnels

To keep prying eyes away, make sure you’re using secure methods when accessing websites with sensitive information on WiFi. Using that extra layer of protection you’ll help keep curious onlookers from being able to see your traffic even if the WiFi vulnerability is exploited.

Beware public WiFi even after all are patched

Public wifi doesn’t have encryption in many cases, and because it’s open, there could be other vulnerabilities with the WiFi router that has caused some level of compromise. It means you should follow the same precautions whether the KRACKs attack existed or not.

Some already have patches available, others will soon

Microsoft has stated they have published a patch and users can install it, or if they have automatic patching setup, should have it applied already. Android is working on a patch which Pixel will receive first. Apple claims the iOS has a patch for developers and soon will be given to users as well.


Don’t throw out your WiFi routers quite yet. But a little precaution is a good thing. Consider the above advice and look around to see when your device will be patched so you can tighten things back up as soon as possible.

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