Week of Security – November 10th

Netflix phishing attempts making the rounds

Watch out for the latest go round of phishing against your Netflix account or finishing up that season of Stranger Things may have to wait.


Logitech to brick devices

A news story is making the rounds with a running controversial action: bricking devices from afar on purpose they don’t own. Sometimes bricking is accidental. But in certain cases companies are taking proactive action, sending firmware to ‘self destruct’ the device, minus the puff of smoke seen in Mission Impossible.


Android patches KRACK vulnerability, but not for all devices

Although much of the news reveals Android has a patch for the KRACK attack, Pixel and Nexus excluded. The point of the article I’ve linked is a similar question I’ve had. How big of a deal is the KRACK attack, at least for certain systems. The article goes on to say Google builds in a number of security components outside of WPA2 because a public wifi connection is in many ways the same as someone breaking the WPA2 protocol. I posted an article warning against public wifi regardless of the KRACK attack as well.


Bill introduced to require paper receipts for recounting

Going paperless may take a step back if this bill gets passed. I suppose results would only have to be kept until the winner and loser was declared. It still would introduce the necessity of new hardware voting groups would have to manage for inventory. That’s cost, upkeep, and inventory management. If the bill’s parameters were met the paperwork would of course be kept longer. I couldn’t find much on how long those papers would need to be kept.



Man arrested after using for hire DDoS against former employer

These kinds of choices definitely stunt career growth. It’s a new kind of outsourcing. Logic bombs used to be the normal way of getting out your anger. Is your revenge to-do list getting too long? Delegate some of those tasks you just haven’t had the time for.


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